Applied Biomagnetic Therapy

Bring the mind & body’s magnetic field back into harmony.

  • Emotional setbacks & trauma release

  • Stubborn & chronic health conditions

  • Energy & Chakra balancing

  • Support Detox & Sleep pathways

Meera Patel, MBA, AP, ABT is Verve’s Biomagnetism + Ayurveda Practitioner.

Meera is an Applied Biomagnetic Therapy (ABT) Practitioner in Multi-Dimensional Medicine from the Institute of Biomagnetic Therapy, and also holds certification from Escuela Superior De Biomagnetisimo Medico Isaac Goiz Duran. Applied Biomagnetic therapy aims at bringing the biomagnetic fields of the body from chaos to coherence; tackling the systemic cause of dis-ease, namely trauma and all the downstream impact on the electro-magnetic fields between the brain and the organs [including microbes, emotions, and damaging unconscious beliefs] that cause illness to persist and become chronic.

Applied Biomagnetic Therapy aims to get to the root cause of health imbalances and that is why it is so successful. While a common approach is to get rid of symptoms, it is also important to understand that symptoms are actually our body’s best way of defending itself. They are an effect of something, and not the cause of dis-ease. We live in a multi-dimensional world and as such there are multiple dimensions that impact our health.

Generally there is a primary cause, one of which can be trauma. While there is often a stigma around trauma (whether it be birth, relationships, situations, death of a loved one, etc.), most of everyone has been through it. It is important to digest our thoughts in addition to our food. If our experiences are left unprocessed, we can often see this manifest in some way through physical symptoms, including behavior. Unresolved emotions can lead to health issues including addictions and harmful adaptive behavior that not only affects the individual, but their families and relationships as well.

Each individual is unique and where these emotions are stored are also unique. Stubborn and chronic health conditions bring with them emotional suffering such as anxiety & panic attacks, depression, feeling blocked/stuck/isolated, etc. While these are just a couple examples, it well illustrates that Applied Biomagnetic Therapy – Multi-Dimensional Medicine aims to release the root cause, and is one of the two therapies in which trauma & harmful emotions can be energetically released without having to verbally communicate the incident(s).

Applied Biomagnetic Therapy, also known as Biomagnetism, is both an art and a science. The Vedas, scriptures dating back more than 5,000 years, mentioned the therapeutic use of magnets, called chumbak. Around the world, many cultures, including the Greeks, Swiss, Chinese, Japanese, Persians, Russians, Mexicans, etc., all have notably used magnets in their healing practices.

The earth is a huge natural magnet in and of itself. The concept of Earthing, or grounding, which connects people to the Earth’s natural healing energy is gaining more interest from researchers. This energy is being studied for it’s effect on inflammation, pain, stress, and improving blood flow, sleep, and vitality. It is not surprising that the closer we are to nature and the more in sync we are with its rhythms, the more balanced we feel physically and mentally. The magnetism of the earth effects all biological systems, including plants, animals, and humans, and contributes to the propagation, growth, and sustenance of each. In fact, every cell in our body has it’s own magnetic field!

Why is this an important revelation? Rudolph Virchow, the father of modern pathology, put forward the concept that cellular dysfunction leads to organ dysfunction, which leads to clinical disease.  This is because a group of cells make up tissues in our body, a group of tissues make up an organ, and a group of organs make up a system. There are many causes of cellular injury and disease, including, but not limited to chemicals (in our food, water, environment, and skin products, etc.), unhealthy lifestyle habits (sedentary, stress, sleep, etc.), electromagnetic frequencies (cell phones, 5G, wi-fi, microwaves, etc.), among many others.

What is Applied Biomagnetic Therapy Helpful For?

As Biomagnetic Therapy works with energy and balancing an individual’s biomagnetic field, it is able to provide relief both physically and mentally for various discomforts. In our experience, it has helped a variety of ailments, including: skin conditions, headaches, trauma relief, releasing unwanted emotions, breaking harmful habits/addictions, jumpstarting change, menstrual challenges, respiratory troubles, immune system challenges, balancing microbes (parasites, fungal infections, bacterial overgrowth, viral infections, candida, etc.)

What Can I Expect from a Biomagnetic Session?

Applied Biomagnetic Therapy is a passive treatment, which means clients lay down and relax while the therapy is in progress. The practitioner will place magnets externally, on top of clothing, to create a coherent biomagnetic field that will aid in the mind and body’s own capability to heal. Every individual’s reaction to magnetic fields vary, as such some may feel an effect of a Biomagnetic session within 2 days, or up to a couple weeks, depending on the length of imbalances. Generally, the more longstanding the imbalance, the more sessions needed, with 4-5 sessions being the average.

Biomagnetism can be used in combination with other therapies, including Ayurveda, which offers a holistic approach including diet and lifestyle guidance to promote and sustain well-being.

Biomagnetism should not be used as a substitute for physician consultation, evaluation, or treatment.

Who Can Receive a Biomagnetic Therapy Session?

Magnets are safe to use on children, up to the elderly.

Biomagnetism is not recommended for individuals undergoing or planning to undergo chemotherapy or radiation.

Applied Biomagnetic Therapy Pricing

1 Session $120 (Regular) | $110 (Member)

For those who are unable to come in-person, we also offer Quantum Biomagnetic Therapy Sessions.

As clients have been interested in diet, lifestyle, and herb recommendations to sustain a healthy balance, we offer a mini Ayurveda Consult (30 min) add-on for $75, with any Biomagnetic Therapy session.