The goal of naturopathic medicine is to restore health and balance so you are able to experience optimal life vitality.

To achieve this, we start with an Initial Intake to assess all your symptoms + concerns to assess the root cause of any health issues.

After the Initial Intake, you will receive a Treatment Plan, including recommendations for therapies, supplements, diet, labs, non-toxic products, and lifestyle changes.

Finally, you start your journey to restoring your health + optimizing your life vitality by receiving Therapies and implementing lifestyle changes.

Stay on track by scheduling Follow-Ups, where your progress will be assessed and your Treatment Plan adjusting accordingly.

Naturopathic Consultation with Dr. Angelina Mehta where she will conduct a comprehensive intake of all your concerns (symptoms, history, and other contributing factors).

Duration: 1 Hours


After the Initial Intake, Dr. Angelina will create a custom treatment plan for you, including recommendations for therapies, supplements, diet, labs, non-toxic products, and lifestyle changes.

Included in Initial Intake

You may purchase a custom therapies package consisting of Dr. Angelina’s recommended therapies that Verve offers (IV Infusions, Vitamin Injections, Acu Needles, etc.) to aid in restoring your health.

Package prices vary

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We accept HSA and FSA cards, and are happy to provide a superbill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Currently, we do not accept insurance.

Make Health Simple with Packages

Without a clear plan in place, it can be difficult to track progress, stay organized and guarantee outcomes of individual patient care. We understand that every person who enters our intensive intake program is unique. Our experienced naturopathic doctor will work with each patient to develop a comprehensive treatment plan using evidence-based and natural methods aligned with the safest and fastest way to reach holistic health goals. The doctor will create a comprehensive treatment plan specially designed to meet their patients’ needs, and give their patients directions towards growth and healing. We offer a bulk discount on the therapies indicated, and member pricing on a la carte services, for you to reciprocate your commitment to feeling better.

These packages are reviewed and approved by each patient, and can be adjusted prior to signing. Discount is provided for package purchases, and member pricing is extended to a la carte services added during the treatment plan period.

Specialty Labs

We want you to understand what your lab results really mean. Taking the time to make sure you understand your lab results is an essential element to your health success. Even when your tests come back “normal”, a laboratory review helps you understand what that means, what are optimal results, and how you can continue to improve your balance and overall health.

An in depth discovery of your root causes includes researched laboratory testing that can explain how your body is functioning.  In addition to standard lab markers that look for disease, we also may order functional labs that identify how your body functions.

Comprehensive Panels with Vibrant America, Singulex and/or Gulfstream Diagnostics. Other lab companies we work with include: LabCorp, Quest, Great Plains, Cyrex Labs, Igenex.

We are always researching and updating our lab offerings and welcome your requests.

  • Female Hormone Panel

  • Male Hormone Panel with PSA

  • Complete Thyroid Hormone Panel with Antibodies

  • Diabetes Risk Assessment (including Adiponectin)

  • Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

  • Liver and Kidney Function

  • Complete Blood Count

  • Genetic testing including MTHFR and APO E genotyping

  • IgE Food Allergies

  • IgE Respiratory Allergies

  • Celiac Antibody Testing

  • Vitamin D

  • Viral Profiles

  • Food sensitivity/allergy panel testing – IgG: US Biotek Labs

  • Comprehensive stool testing for parasites/bacteria/yeast and more – Doctor’s Data Labs

  • SIBO testing – Commonwealth Labs

  • Adrenal/Cortisol hormone testing – Labrix

  • Heavy Metal testing – Doctor’s Data Labs

  • Nutrient Profile testing – Spectracell Labs

  • Neurotransmitter and adrenal testing – Neuroscience, Labrix

  • Gluten and Autoimmune testing – Vibrant America

  • Hormone Panel – ZRT Labs

Imaging Orders

In order to make sure you are up to date with your screening tests and early detection, we also order more in-depth imaging as warranted. We can refer you to our partnering primary care office to conduct thyroid ultrasounds, breast ultrasounds, X-rays, endoscopy and colonoscopies, and write orders for breast mammography, bone density (DEXA) scans, MRIs, and CT scans.