Dr. Angelina Mehta, ND

Founder + Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Angelina is a Naturopathic Doctor and the founder of Verve Holistic Health. Inspired by her father to become a doctor, and inspired by her mother to become a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Angelina believes experiencing your best energy, sleeping well, being comfortable with your weight, and remaining pain-free, motivated, inspired, and surrounded by love is the true essence of life.

Dr. Angelina is a wife and mother of 3 girls, and a United States Marine. In practice since 2010, Dr. Angelina has successfully treated hundreds of patients with all types of conditions by taking a holistic and integrative approach.

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Dr. Jay, MD

Medical Doctor + Author

Dr. Jay has practiced internal medicine for over 35 years during which he had over 2 million office or offsite patient visits. He experimented to figure out there is no end to anything. He trained himself in many fields of medicine such as internal/family medicine, endoscopy, non-invasive cardiovascular specialist, intensivist, aesthetic/cosmetic specialist, pain specialist, vein specialist, acupuncturist, major surgeries assistant, compounding drugs and skincare specialist and minor surgical specialist.

Dr. Jay crosses medical boundaries with ease, from radiology to dermatology, from plastic surgery to podiatry, from allopathic to naturopathic. Dr. Jay is one of the few doctors who has taken the opposite approach of most; he has expanded the vision of his practice, adding new medical practices like a pianist might pick up ragtime or liturgy, with the goal of helping each patient realize their best self.

Apart from his profession, Dr. Jay is ambitious about living a full life, so much so that he is fond of saying he wants to put the experience of 100 lives into this one. He finds expression and fulfillment in a variety of ways, including but not limited to, making music, writing, directing films, visiting various world expos, starting new businesses, and cultivating enjoyment through innovations.

Explore Dr. Jay’s books How You and I Transform: An Extraordinary Depiction of Life-Transforming Treatments and Psychic Toxins

Meera Patel, MBA, AP, ABT

Ayurvedic + Biomagnetism Practitioner

“Meera is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner from Southern California University of Health Sciences, graduating with the President’s Leadership Award. She is also certified in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy – Multi-Dimensional Medicine from the Institute of Biomagnetic Therapy, as well as from Escuela Superior De Biomagnetisimo Medico Isaac Goiz Duran. She obtained her MBA from Georgia Tech and has worked in the corporate sector in media & entertainment for 10+ years. This along with her experience as a former U.S. Marine, lends to a diverse background and skill set that helps her understand clients in all walks of life. She is very passionate about helping others to seamlessly transition to a healthier lifestyle with sustainable results. Her ambition is to share time-tested health strategies, which she also does through various speaking engagements including top Fortune 100 companies. Learn more about Ayurvedic Medicine here or Biomagnetic Therapy here.

CJ Amin, RYT 500

Yoga + Thai Therapy Practitioner

In 2017, CJ traveled to the foothills of the Himalaya’s, completing an advanced 500-hour teacher training course. To deepen his experience, he lived in two yoga ashrams (spiritual communities) based on the teachings of Yoga Masters Sivananda and Paramahansa Yogananda. He has also embarked on the journey of Thai massage therapy and became certified in 2018.

CJ believes that when you follow the entire system of yoga, it is your ticket to inner freedom, true peace and fearlessness. Yoga is much more than postures. This is why he incorporate breath control, sense withdrawal, concentration and meditation in most classes. The benefits of a consistent practice are multitudinous and include healing of your mental and physical bodies.

Yoga is CJ’s life. He breathes yoga. Allow him to share a royal yoga practice that reinvigorates your life force energy, expands your consciousness, and leaves you in a state of serene relaxation. It is his goal to help you build your own practice.

Julie Jones, RN

Registered Nurse

Julie has been a registered nurse for over 6 years and obtained her nursing degree from local colleges. Her nickname is Gentle Jules as client care and client results are her priority. She is passionate about helping every client feel and look their best.

During her career, she has worked in the aesthetic, laser, wellness and regenerative areas of medicine from the start. Julie approaches nursing with mind, body and spirit philosophy. She believes people are multifaceted and so is medicine. Her nursing philosophy is to treat every client like she would want to be treated.

Nicole Piwko

Naturopathic Assistant/Clinic Manager

Nicole’s goal in life is to help people be their best. At Verve, she is a part of assisting others in reaching their health goals. She has experience in medical assistance, substance abuse and managerial capacities with Starbucks and Home Depot. She is currently in pursuit of a nursing degree.

Nicole enjoys spending time with her daughters and practicing energy medicine as a Reiki II healer.

Kimberly Roscoe

Front Office/Public Relations

Kimberly has a lifelong passion for health. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and has worked in offices specializing in functional medicine.

Kimberly enjoys hiking, intuitive eating, and cooking healthy meals.

Lizbeth Rubalcava

Naturopathic Assistant

Lizbeth is passionate about faith, family and health. She is excited to help coordinate and assist patient care, and looks forward to meeting you on your next visit!