Push It

Increase energy to keep you ramped for a full day.
Contains activated B12 and B complex to speed up natural body processes.

$35 (Regular) | $30 (Member)

Burn It

Boosts metabolism to burn fat and increase energy.
Contains lipotropic mix (methionine inositol choline) with nutrients that are great for cellular optimization such as B12, B6 and L Carnitine.

$40 (Regular) | $35 (Member)

Reload It

Supercharges recovery with antioxidants, energy, and muscle support.
Contains activated B12, B6, methionine and L Carnitine to supercharge cellular metabolism and allow for optimal results from your sweat sesh.

$45 (Regular) | $40 (Member)

Relax It

Calms your mind and muscles from max’ed to relaxed.
Contains magnesium, which is one of the most widely utilized minerals in the body.

$30 (Regular) | $25 (Member)

Fight It

Arms your immune system to overcome and prevent illness.
Contains vitamin D and glutathione to boost immunity, mood, and skin.

$40 (Regular) | $35 (Member)

Infuse It

Anti-aging support to keep you young at heart.
Contains activated B12, glutathione, B6, and antioxidants to increase energy and balance hormones.

$45 (Regular) | $40 (Member)

Detox It

Cleanses your liver and clears your system of toxins.
Contains alpha lipoic acid, glutathione, B vitamins, and taurine to improve the liver’s function.

$45 (Regular) | $40 (Member)

Recover It

Hangover relief and headache recovery.
Contains a blend of minerals and vitamins to help the body process the excess, and alpha lipoic acid, minerals and B3 help you out now.

$45 (Regular) | $40 (Member)

Conceive It

Key nutrients to support reproductive health.
Contains B12, inositol, choline, and L Carnatine to promote DNA consistencies.

$45 (Regular) | $40 (Member)

Kick It

Lysine dosed to kick viral imbalances.

$45 (Regular) | $40 (Member)

Vitamin B12

Increases energy, improves memory, protects the heart, and supports nerve function.

$30 (Regular) | $25 (Member)

Vitamin Injection Add-On

Add extra B12 or B Complex to an injection you are already purchasing.

$15 (Regular) | $10 (Members)

Vitamin Injections
(Package of 8)

Commit to your health at a discounted rate.

$285 (Regular) | $265 (Member)

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 boosts immunity, improves mood, and balances hormones.

50,000 IU $40 / 100,000 IU $55 / 200,000 IU $70 (Regular)

50,000 IU $35 / 100,000 IU $50 / 200,000 IU $65 (Member)


A CoEnzyme that promotes cellular recovery and resilience, with cognitive and neurological benefits.

50mg $75 / 100mg $125 / 150mg $170 (Regular)

50mg $65 / 100mg $110 / 150mg $150 (Member)